German manufacture of machine tools

German manufacture of machine tools

Official Gildemeister AG concern representative in Russia and CIS. Gildemeister AG the biggest German manufacture of machine tools. Occupies almost 20% of metal equipment market.


  • To decrease costs of attracting new clients due to improving the quality of service
  • To elaborate development strategy as well as marketing plan, budget, regional offices and dealers.
  • To increase sales not less than 30% a year.
  • To optimize organizational structure.
  • To elaborate CRM-system
  • To organize Hotline-system
  • To increase planning horizon and to improve accuracy of planning as well as operational costs and service profit


  • Turnover increasing in 1,8 times for 1,5 years
  • The spare parts delivery time was decreased for 30%, new employees were recruited and trained response time for client demand were decreased.
  • The network of custom service developing in Russia and CIS, agreements and responsibilities define with distributors.
  • The work effectiveness was increased, BAAN (analog SAP) was implemented, the service profit was increased as well.
  • The common standards and rules of concern Gildemester were drawn up, integration of Russian representatives in the concern global service network.