Installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing and integrated security

Installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing and integrated security

Gorpozhartechnica has been working on the market of installation and maintenance of fire and security alarms more than 20 years. Mobile teams work in different parts of Moscow and the region under the leadership of several foremen. Main tasks: current maintenance and emergency repairs. Among clients are: IKEA, MEGA, AUCHAN, LEROI MERLIN, OBI, NESTLE, AVTOFRAMOS, CITIDEL, HAYAT, NLK, etc.

The staff of the company 5 years ago was more than 400 people. Currently, the staff has been reduced to 80 people. The number of service contracts has decreased, there are practically no new installations. The competition has intensified due to the appearance on the market of new service companies and freelancers. Older customers leave faster than new ones appear. Salary delays led to a decrease in employee motivation, which ultimately affects the quality of work. Service works "to zero."


— To take the company out of crisis

— To increase new service agreements sales

— To ensure the retention of existing customers


— The customer segmentation was done. Several priority areas were highlighted: industrial production, shopping centers, hotels and LCD premium class, management companies. It was decided to temporarily abandon the development of a number of areas (offices, small shops, warehouses)

— The pricing policy was developed for all segments, a line of service products has been developed, and the technology for their promotion has been defined. The necessary resources are identified

— A new site was developed to attract customers via Internet that allows to increase the ranking in search engines and get into the top of Yandex and Google by keywords. Old site new site gorpozhtehnika.rf.

— The process is going on for optimizing business processes, staff motivation system and retaining customers

— Increasing sales of new contracts. Work is going on