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Service Audit

We will determine the causes of problems and propose a solution.

We will determine the causes of problems and propose a solution.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand why a successful business in the past begins to bring losses. The quality of service decreases, employees are demotivated, sales are falling. These are external symptoms of the disease organization, which are often based on completely implicit causes. Managers either do not understand what to do, or do not want to take the risks of resolving internal conflicts and making unpopular decisions. In such cases, an independent expert assessment is extremely useful.

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The Service Audit package is ideal for companies in which the service is an auxiliary unit, whose main task is a competitive advantage and an increase in equipment sales. The service should provide high quality services and NPS (customer loyalty index), but at the same time compensate for their costs. Also, the package is suitable for service companies, in which there is a decrease in profits for reasons implicit or difficult to avoid.

Package includes:

- Service organization audit

- Assessment of the potential and resources of the service

- Development of service strategy

- Optimization of business processes

- Adjustment of motivation programs

- Development (improvement) of service products and sales technology

  • - Consultations for managers and service staff.

Read more about the audit in service organizations can be found in our article.

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