Creation of Customer service

Are you interested in creating highly professional customer service? It is acquiring more and more significant meaning day by day. Service- it is not just maintaining and technical support of the product, this is any kind of interaction between an employee and a client. The competitiveness level of the whole company depends on how well this process is established. If you want to make the service your competitive advantage, you have decided to refuse business dealers services and service partners and have thought about setting up your own customer service center, most likely you will be interested in a collection of articles related to this topic. Most of these articles are unique and based on a real experience of our professionals, got while working on consulting projects in internationals and Russian companies.

Increasing of customer service effectiveness

Customer demand has changed, they want to get more profit and pay less for the service. This common trend in Russia is becoming more significant in the recent years. Is it possible to suggest lower prices than competitors and get more profit in the same time? If your customer service brings loss, sales don’t increase and clients complain about low service quality, you will be interested to get acquainted with articles from this section.