New project with company – Italian industrial equipment dealer

21 january 2018

High class service to increase sales the main target of the project

In September 2017, we began work on a project to improve the quality of work of the service department for a company specializing in the supply of Italian equipment for processing glass, stone and wood. The company is the market leader in the Russian Federation and the CIS in the areas of "glass" and "stone" and has exclusive agreements with manufacturers. Service is an auxiliary unit. The main goal of our work is to transfer the company's service to a qualitatively new level that exceeds all the standards established in the market. After four months, a lot of work was done on collecting and analyzing information, and a new service strategy was developed and launched. The first successes are already marked. In addition to the detailed action plan, the amount of investment and the timing of their return are determined. Service company should increase by almost 2 times. Currently, new employees are being recruited, plans for their training and adaptation have been developed. Introduced a new system of motivation. Started selling service contracts. Although the task of making a profit for the service was not set, it is already obvious that there should be a significant increase. The work should be completed by the end of 2018. We expect, as always, to get a lot of new ideas and practical life hacking in the process of project implementation.