Service products and service sales

We are oriented to your company

We are oriented to your company

The corporate training program is optimized for your business input data. Minimum of overall information.

Guaranteed refund

Guaranteed refund

Refund is provided by the terms of the contract.

Trainings and consulting

Trainings and consulting

Training and consulting at the same time. A part of the training is held in the format of discussion, during which we will examine both the questions that had been sent in advance and the new raised questions. We will describe how others work and will try to apply the best practices for you.

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Training provides essential information for developing competitive offers and service products for different segments of market.


— How to evaluate in numbers the potential market (set the service sales goals)

— How to conduct client’s segmentation base on the objectives of their business

— How to choose a segment on which it is necessary to be oriented in sales at first

— How to calculate the service below-cost and based on it determine the minimum work cost per hour

— How to work with key clients

— How to estimate clients’ loyalty and their satisfaction with the service level

— How to develop a competitive service product for different segments (customers)

— How to properly position and sell this service product (service contracts, repairs, training, etc.)

— How to calculate the service key performance indicators (turnover, profit, service load)

— How to train and motivate service staff to engage in sales

— How to control the quality of service


To calculate the cost, please specify the phone number in the application or contact us in any convenient way (страница contact page).


Maksim Klemeshov

The head of ServiceAdviser

“In order for the trainings to bring results, it is important for the coach to understand the specifics of the business and to have personal management experience. In my programs, I try to include as much practical recommendations and tools as possible that have worked well for 10 years of my work as a leader in the service of Russian and German companies.

Today, participation in efficiency improvement projects and startup projects allows me to get new practice, use successful experience in developing services in various markets, and develop individual solutions for our clients' businesses as soon as possible.”

Key skills

  • — Market analysis
  • — Development of marketing strategy
  • — Sales
  • — Optimization of business processes
  • — Staff motivation
  • — Budget Planning
  • — Strategic management


  • — Strategic Management (MBA)
  • — Electrical Engineer (MEI)
  • — Professional development: training and conferences on service management (DMG, DEMAG), technical training - more than 50 courses in total
  • — Language: Russian, English
Aleksey Masharetdinov

Aleksey Masharetdinov

“For 15 years of work in the automotive business, I have done a path from a mechanic to a deputy general director of the network of service centers. There has always been very strong competition in our business, but thanks to a competent service strategy, clear and streamlined business processes, the number of our regular customers is increasing regardless of economic crises and other shocks.”

Elena Snurnizyna

Elena Snurnizyna

“Document management in service is a very important task. On how the service interacts with other departments, the operational efficiency of the company and the opinion of customers about the quality of the service directly depend.”


At your disposal

Our coach team will arrive to you in every part of the world. We will conduct training at your place. For holding it we will need: conference zone, viewer, tea and a hotel.

At our disposal

We cooperate with the Executive MBA LWB Business School. Trainings are held on the campus of a business school at:
— Mytishchi, Shchorsa st, 34 (5 km away from Moscow).
— On campus there is a comfortable guest house, for students from other cities. Travel documents are issued.
— Date and training program for corporate clients are discussed individually. For information about the date and cost of participation in open trainings and seminars, please contact us.

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